Why Afrilife Honey

  • It is organic and wild forest honey:
    Our honey is harvested from Kigosi forest Reserve; a national forest reserve where human activities are restricted by government authorities. Only authorized local bee keepers are allowed by being given special permits to visit their bee hives in the forest occasionally. This ensures good and friendly environment for bees and high quality organic honey.
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  • We control all stages of honey production
    -We collect honey from trained local beekeepers organized in co-operative groups whom we supply beekeeping and harvesting equipments to ensure we get quality honey.
    -We only buy honey which has passed quality testing using our qualified and experienced staff using company facilities.
    -We carry out processing and packaging at our company facility using state of the art equipment and technology. We have trained and experienced staff.
    -We distribute packed honey to wholesalers and retailers ready for selling to consumers
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  • Our honey processing is standard and certified by quality assurance authorities.
    We are certified by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS)- the national standards body
    We are applying an international standard processing procedure (HACCP), and our staffs are certified by the overseeing HACCP institution.
  • We apply modern honey processing technology
    -We have technical cooperation agreement with SAFA HONEY of India who are among the best honey producers in the world.
    Safa honey have an experience of more than 20 years in bee products business
    -We have a staff training and exchange program with Safa honey to facilitate technology transfer.
    -They use international standards and sell their honey globally in international markets
  • Our honey has a good reputation in Tanzania.
    -Our customers rank it as the best honey in the market
    -In 2014 our honey emerged the 1st overall winner in the food processing and beverage products category during the SIDO Lake zone exhibition for SMEs’ products
    – Our honey enjoy about 25% of market share in the country and 70% market share in lake zone region of honey consumption.
    We produce high quality natural honey from natural wild forests. Our honey is harvested from Kigosi forest Reserve in north-western Tanzania. Our honey is produced by bees from polyfloral nectar and at times honeydew which is harvested in November.
    Currently we have three types of package presentations
    1. 900g bottle
    2. 500g bottle
    3. 1kg combhoney jar
    These are packed in cartons of 1 dozen or 2 dozens pieces for wholesale delivery
    Soon we plan to introduce new package brands in the market.


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